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Building a centralized autograder - quickstart (Python)

This is the shortcut guide to the full walkthrough on how to set up a centralized autograder. Follow that guide to get step by step instructions and explanations about how it works. Follow this guide if you just want to get it up and running.

Creating the grading server

  1. Create a new project for the server in your Team account. Make sure that you do not publish this project, as it will host students' work.
  2. Create each of the files that you find in this example autograder server repl in your private project and copy the contents of each file across as well. Hit the Run button and take note of the URL.

Create the assignment

  1. Create another new project in your Team account. This one you will publish to students.
  2. Create each of the files that you find in this example assignment repl, and copy the contents of each file.
  3. Modify the url variable in the submit.py file to match the one you saw when you ran your server repl.

Make it your own

Make any other modifications you need based on the assignment you are setting your students.

  1. Update the README.me in the assignment project to explain the task to your students
  2. Update the main.py file to give your students some code to start with and show them how to test it.
  3. Update the test_solution.py file in the server repl to automatically grade the students' code.