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Embedding Classroom Assignments

Note: Embedding Assignments is a feature exclusive to subscribers.

Note: Embedding via LTI is deprecated and functionality was removed at the beginning of September 2018.

Classroom Pro and K-12 users can embed classrooms and assignments into their respective LMSes via an iframe. As a teacher, to embed your classroom...

  1. From your teacher dashboard, click the "three dot" menu on the classroom you want to embed.
  2. Select "Embed".
  3. If you want to embed in your LMS then copy the LTI information and follow the instructions provided to you by your LMS, otherwise copy the iframe code.

To embed an assignment:

  1. From the assignment list in your classroom, click the "three dot" menu on the assignment you want to embed.
  2. Select "Embed".
  3. Copy the iframe code
  4. When students see the iframe they'll automatically be loaded with the coding environment to work on their assignment.

embedding an assignment