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Classroom Sharing

Many of our teachers are creating high quality and easily re-usable content -- so we're making it easy to share classrooms with other teachers.

It works just like cloning in that it copies all the instructional material, code, files, and unit tests into a new classroom, except the owner would be the teacher you're sharing the classroom with.

Sharing classrooms is simple: from your teacher dashboard click on the menu button (⋮) and select 'Share'. We'll then provide a link that you can use to share your classroom, or you can enter emails to share with. Users who visit the link will have the class cloned to their account automatically.

sharing a classroom

Note that assignments will be in draft status in the cloned classroom

You can also allow others to preview your classroom by sharing your Classroom Community link. In the top-right corner of your classroom page, as long as the class is public, you should see a "viewable in Community" link. That link can be shared with anyone to allow them to preview the classroom. They can then import it as a teacher or as a student.