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Classroom Pricing FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions around the classroom product pricing, including what constitutes a student, as well as how the pricing was determined.

What constitutes a student seat?

Student counts are based on total unique monthly active students. That's a mouthful so let me break it down:

Please note that the amount billed is based on your maximum number of students, not the number of students currently under your account.

Why isn't this free?

Although most of our features are still free, we decided to charge for advanced features so we can keep the lights on. The money we make will go to:

  1. Staff: as of August 2018 we are 6 overworked human persons working on Repl.it full-time. We try to keep a minimalist life-style but we still have to eat, sleep, and use computers and that's where most of our money goes.

  2. Infrastructure: we have to execute all your code somewhere -- in-fact, we give each and everyone of our users dedicated, always-on Linux containers.

Why did you just start charging as of August 2017?

We love what we do and the impact we have on our users -- programmers, learners, and teachers alike. In fact, we self-funded this website for almost 5 years and up until last year it was something we could afford to do (after-all what's money for if you can't use it for fun and good). However, last year we exploded in popularity (partly thanks to our education products and partly our improved Repl features). And so we had to quit our jobs and make this into a company (funded by some amazing partners).

As we continue to grow in ambition, Google Cloud bills, and feature requests, we decided to hire more people to help us. And that's what finally convinced us that we need to make them dollars.

What happens if I can't pay?

If you can't afford to pay and/or the organization you work for won't pay then please get in touch with us. Especially if you're a user that's been with us for a while we'll make sure to go out of our way to help you.

Similarly if you're an open-source project or organization we're happy to accommodate you.

If I exceed the limit but don't pay will I be locked out of my account?

We will make sure to give you ample time to make arrangements to pay. If you, however, choose not to subscribe we will make sure that you have access to your classrooms in at least read-only mode. Additionally, private classrooms will remain private no matter what.

How did you decide on the pricing?

  1. We calculated how much money we needed to make ends meet and hire enough people.
  2. Then we guesstimated how many people would hopefully pay us.
  3. Using advanced mathematics (long division) we deduced how much folks should pay.

If you think our advanced market analysis techniques produced the wrong answer then please let us know and we'll try to fix it.

Anything else?

We love what we do, we love our users, and hope to continue to do it for the foreseeable future. Please support us in our endeavors.

Are these questions really frequently asked?

Not really, but aren't most FAQs like that? (Is it okay for a FAQ to ask questions?). We don't do this often.