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Exporting Classroom Data

Both students and teachers are capable of exporting data - teachers can export their classroom grade data, whereas students can export their assignments to repls.

Student Exports

Students can export an assignment to a repl, which can then be downloaded as a zip file, or worked on outside the classroom environment. Students export their submissions from their classroom page, or on the submission itself.

Any submission exported to a repl will be public by default. A student who is on the Hacker Plan (or any other plan) can toggle it to be private.

Teacher Exports

Exporting Submission Data

Teachers can export their student submission data from the classroom page under the "Student Overview" section. The data will be exported as a CSV file with the students names, emails, and status of each of their submissions.

Each submission has one of the following statuses:

Exporting Assignments

Currently there is no place to export all of a classroom's assignments. If this is something you would like to see, please let us know on our feedback forums.