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Teams for Education [BETA]

Note that teams for education is currently in beta. If you are interested in getting started, you can create a team here.

Teams for Education is Repl.it's new plan for students and teachers, learners and educators. Please read our recent blog post for more details.

In these docs, we'll outline current and planned workflows to teach using Repl.it. We'll be updating and adding more detail over time.

Creating a team

Sign up for a Repl.it account.

Click on teams in the left sidebar, then click on create a team.

Select teams for education and input your payment information.

Add a team name and profile picture for your team.

Now you can create your first team repl! Any team repl will automatically add your students and fellow teachers for seamless multiplayer collaboration.

Inviting people to your team

Follow the steps during team creation to invite people with their repl.it username or email addresses.

If you've already created a team, go to the team dashboard and under "Teammates" click "Add more."

In order to protect the privacy of students and remain in compliance, we've added a way to invite students to repl.it and your education team anonymously. This privacy invite method only works when signing up via a team invite link.

  1. Go to your team dashboard, click "Add more" and click "Generate a team invite link"
  1. Check the box next to "Do not collect names/emails"
  1. On signup, students will be given an autogenerated username, and will not be required to enter an email, to register for repl.it. On successful signup, they will be automatically added to your team.

Assignment creation and submission

From your team dashboard create a new template. After selecting a language and title, you'll be redirected to the IDE to add any comments, tests, and initial coding blocks you'd like your students to start from.

When your template is ready to be published, click "Publish template" from the IDE.

Students will be able to fork the template and create their own copy. Their copy will be private so that only the student and the team admins can see and edit their work. This keeps all student submissions private and prevents plagiarism.

When the students are done they click "submit" in the IDE header, which will notify all team admins of their submission.

Instructional material

You can add arbitrary files to your repl, which means you can add PDFs, images, or any supplemental material. However, we recommend to start your students off with a README.md a file. It's the standard documentation and entry-point file for code repositories and when Repl.it sees that file it will display it first. Here is an example repl with a README.

Testing and assesments

Since Repl.it is a general-purpose IDE that supports third-party packages in many languages, you can integrate testing frameworks into your projects which can be used for assesments.

We've written a tutorial for how to do testing in Python using PyTest that you can read here.